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Luxcer tiles are designed and produced for every style and location, we are ready to enliven floors and walls with a wide range of sizes, surfaces and neutral hues, perfect for creating star-studded looks in commercial and residential spaces.


Living Room



Bathroom & Balcony

Public Premises


Professional Innovation Ceramics Enterprise

A wide variety of high-quality tile products allow WIFi to offer customized interior and exterior decoration, creating an eco-friendly home. More competitive price and better service have been WIFi's striving goal.

Five Premium Categories

Since the WIFi brand was established, we combined multiple styles of ceramic tile products and divide them into 5 premium categories

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Luxcer introduces Celebrity, an exclusive glazed porcelain tiles series that offers our most classic and in-demand tile designs.


Luxcer introduces BOSCO, a luxurious of porcelain tile designs inspired by wood.


Luxcer introduces OPUS, a unique glazed porcelain tile series that offers designs inspired by man-made materials in the architecture world.


Musivo provides you the most trendy matching decor tiles and mosaics.


NATURALIS, a beautiful collection of porcelain tile designs inspired by natural stone. Gorgeous and extremely durable, stone-look tiles is definitely a smart choice for floors and walls, and very easy to take care of as well.

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Why Choose Us?

Versatile Products: 25 years of manufacturing experience guarantees you versatile style and premium quality tiles.

Competitive Price: Connected with WIFi, connected directly with factory, you can cut the commission from the middle man.

  • Slip Resistant
  • Wear Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Fireproof
  • Break Resistant

اخبار کاشی

اخبار کاشی را از این جا مشاهده کنید

  • wash basin

  • Wall tile

  • Valves

  • Slab

  • Floor Tiles

  • Wall tile

  • Wall tile

  • Valves